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Instructions for Sending Your PCB for Firmware Transfer

To ensure speedy handling of your PCB, please follow the instructions below:

1) Send your board along with a form that is specific for each hard drive manufacturer. The forms are linked below:

For Western Digital drives
For Maxtor drives
For Seagate drives

The address is listed at the top of these forms.

2) When contacting us through email, please include "firmware transfer" in the email subject. Our email is safeoncomputer@gmail.com

3) If you have a tracking number for your package, please email it to us with the subject "firmware transfer tracking".

4) We can contact you for payment information once we have received your board if you do not want to pay right away, however, we can not send you a new board until we have received payment.

Please allow 1-2 business days between the time we receive the board and the time we send the board back.

Thanks for doing business with us.


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